A priest is one who offers sacrifice.

Aaronic Priest

Aaron and his male descendants could serve as priests performing the sacrifices in the Tabernacle, the First Temple, and the Second Temple, and so they are properly called the Aaronic priesthood Ex 29:9.

Some people call them the Israelite priests, but in that context an Israelite is a layman, not a priest and not a Levite serving as an assistant to the priests.

Others call them Jewish priests, but Jewish then meant Judahite, of the tribe of Judah, which could not serve as priests Heb 7:14.

Ministerial Priest

One who re-presents the sacrifice of Rabbi Yeshua’s Body and Blood to the Father. Only Rabbi Yeshua has authority to offer himself. His command, “Do this in remembrance of me,” through the apostolic succession enables each priest to celebrate his Final Sacrifice in Persona Christi Capitis, in the person of Christ the Head [of the Church]. The priest does not make a new sacrifice, but rather re-presents Rabbi Yeshua‘s original Final Sacrifice on that particular church altar.

Royal Priest

One who offers the sacrifice of himself to Rabbi Yeshua through the New and Eternal Covenant of the Holy Eucharist.

§ 941 “Lay people share in Christ’s priesthood: ever more united with him, they exhibit the grace of Baptism and Confirmation in all dimensions of their personal family, social and ecclesial lives, and so fulfill the call to holiness addressed to all the baptized.


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