The Catholic Church as Eternal Israel

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Hi, I'm Marty Barrack. Welcome to Second Exodus, a Catholic apostolate faithful to the Magisterium.

St. Augustine began his Confessions, “You have formed us for yourself, and our hearts are restless till they find rest in you.”

God would never come to his people through two separate religions that disagree on the most crucial point of all. There is only one continuing revelation § 839, called Jewish when it was the religion of the Judean people, and Catholic when it was opened to all the world. God changed the names of Abram Gen 17:5, Sarai Gen 17:15, Jacob Gen 32:28 and Simon Mt 16:18 when their relationship to him changed. As he promised Is 62:2, he has changed the name of his community of faith. Rabbi Yeshua came to fulfill the Old Covenant Mt 5:17, which remains an everlasting part of salvation history. More about continuity. And much more about Rabbi Yeshua.

Second Exodus seeks to help all Israel discover God’s Mashiakh. It is directed to Catholics who would like to know more about the Church’s Jewish origins, and Catholics who may someday encounter an inquiring Jew. If an inquiring Jew approaches a Catholic and asks about the Church, and the Catholic knows how to explain it as the synagogue transformed by God's Mashiakh, both may have a part in The Glory to Come.

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Shalom Alekhem!
“This is Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, formerly known as Rosalind Moss. I've often said the most Jewish thing a Jew can do is to become Catholic. You are on the web site of my very dear friend Marty Barrack, who is the most authentic Jew you will ever meet, and the most orthodox authentic Catholic you will ever meet. This is a most trustworthy site that I recommend to you, a wealth you could never plumb in this lifetime of the Faith once delivered to the saints. Come back often. Here is home. God bless you!”
Nov 2011

Mother Miriam, again: “May our Messiah be pleased to live through you beyond all you could ask or think for the glory of His worthy name and the salvation of His People Israel and for all for whom He died.”
Purim, March 2015

Thank you so much, Mother Miriam. You too!