Many Journeys

On the Journey

Mother Angelica, Life-Long Catholic 56:33
Alice von Hildebrand: Life-Long Catholic 56:22
Fr. Benedict Groeschel: Life-Long Catholic 56:26
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ: Life-Long Catholic 54:22
Patrick Madrid: Life-Long Catholic Apologist 53:29
Fr. Brian Mullady, Life-Long Catholic 56:23
Catholic Converts 4:26
Father, I’m Jewish (St. Josemaria Escriva) 2:12
Anna’s Story 4:58

From Judaism

Marty Barrack 56:06
David Moss 55:14
David Moss 54:15
Rosalind Moss 54:20
Rosalind Moss 56:22
Rosalind Moss (now Mother Miriam10:47
Mark Drogin 56:19
Fr. Peter Sabbath 54:39
Dr. Ronda Chervin 56:16
Seth Cherney 56:09
Joni Seith 56:14
Karen Koskoff 54:23
Bob Fishman 56:25
Rick Rosen 42:30
Dr. Robin Pierucci 56:09
Chris Aubert 5:59
Mark Neugebauer 28:31
Dawn Eden 56:25
Debbie Herbeck 56:01
Brian Robbins 55:46
Dan Burke 56:11
Steve Trombecky 56:36

Jewish Harvard Professor Roy Schoeman Becomes Convinced Catholic 1:26:27
Roy Schoeman Tells of Edith Stein, Hermann Cohen and Rabbi Zolli 1:22:59

Roy Schoeman’s Testimony (part 1) 9:56
Roy Schoeman’s Testimony (part 2) 9:58
Roy Schoeman’s Testimony (part 3) 9:55
Roy Schoeman’s Testimony (part 4) 9:54
Roy Schoeman’s Testimony (part 5) 9:53
Roy Schoeman’s Testimony (part 6) 5:35

Roy Schoeman The Role of Judaism in Salvation History (part 1) 9:54
Roy Schoeman The Role of Judaism in Salvation History (part 2) 9:53
Roy Schoeman The Role of Judaism in Salvation History (part 3) 9:53
Roy Schoeman The Role of Judaism in Salvation History (part 4) 9:57
Roy Schoeman The Role of Judaism in Salvation History (part 5) 9:53
Roy Schoeman The Role of Judaism in Salvation History (part 6) 10:00

Brother Bob Fishman, BSCD 56:31
Jewish Roots of Catholicism (part 1) 10:44
Jewish Roots of Catholicism (part 2) 10:29
Jewish Roots of Catholicism (part 3) 10:51
Jewish Roots of Catholicism (part 4) 7:28
Jewish Roots of Catholicism (part 5) 6:29
Jewish Roots of Catholicism (part 6) 9:00

From Eastern Orthodox

James Likoudis 10:00

From Protestant Backgrounds

Doug Keck Interviews Marcus Grodi 56:11
Avery Cardinal Dulles 56:22
Dr. Peter Kreeft 1:08:50
Dr. Scott Hahn 1:08:58
Journey Home Scott & Kimberly Hahn 56:11
Scott & Kimberly Hahn, Rome Sweet Home 11:20
Fr. Donald Calloway 56:20
Steve Ray 56:01
Paul Thigpen 56:11
Steve Greydanus 54:12
Dr. Deal Hudson 54:10
David Currie 55:31
Brandon Vogt 55:51
Jimmy Akin 54:08
Jimmy Akin 54:08 this one’s more recent
Taylor Marshall 56:10
Taylor Marshall on Deep in Scripture 53:12
Nicole DeMille 56:14
Fr. Ray Ryland 56:01
Michael Cumbie 53:11
Tim Staples 56:25
Juliet Waters 54:18
Marcus Grodi 6:54
Marc and Teresa Grodi 56:25
Denise Bossert 56:01
Michael Coren 57:06
Nancy Groom 55:56
Fr. Carl Beekman 56:32
Maria Romine 56:25
Michael Matthews 55:37
John Fraysier 56:11
Drake & Crystal McCalister  56:01
Maria Hasselgren 54:06
Sharon Vander Zyl a personal friend

From Atheism

Jennifer Fulwiler 56:10
Kelly Nieto 56:10

From Mormon Backgrounds

Barry Metzentine 56:14

From Islam

Daniel Ali 55:50
Talat Storkirk 51:46

Catholic Reverts

Leah Darrow 55:33
Jeff Cavins 55:21
Teresa Tomeo 56:01
Dr. Ray Guarendi 55:26
Sheila Laugminas 56:24
Peggy Bowes 56:18
Marie Joseph 56:01
Rick & Cathy Townsend 56:12
Dr. Kevin Vost 56:01

A Companion on the Journey

The shining Cross above the Clouds
                      The shining Cross above the clouds.

This page is all about journeys through life, who we once were and how far we’ve come on our journey to the Cross of Christ and the Resurrection to eternal life. We of a certain age remember Dion and the Belmonts. I Wonder WhyTeen Ager in LoveThe Wanderer. Dion and I went to the same high school. He was the school hero, the local boy who became a star. He’s come a long way. Now, a half century later, meet Dion 56:31

And, each as God has led us, we’ve all come a long way.

Why I’m Catholic