Mother Miriam


“This is Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, O.S.B., Mother Superior of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope, formerly known as Rosalind Moss. I’ve often said the most Jewish thing a Jew can do is to become Catholic. You are on the web site of my very dear friend Marty Barrack, who is the most authentic Jew you will ever meet, and the most orthodox authentic Catholic you will ever meet. This is a most trustworthy site that I recommend to you, a wealth you could never plumb in this lifetime of the Faith once delivered to the saints. Come back often. Here is home. God bless you!” (Nov 2011 during a visit to my home).

Mother Miriam, again, to me:

“May our Messiah be pleased to live through you beyond all you could ask or think for the glory of His worthy name and the salvation of His People Israel and for all for whom He died.”
Purim, March 2015

Thank you so much, Mother Miriam. You too!

Who is this religious Mother Superior who gives Second Exodus such a warm and wonderful endorsement? She has been a close friend for more than 20 years, a Hebrew Catholic like me, born and raised Conservative Jewish in New York City like me. Her conversion story was in Roy Schoeman’s Honey From the Rock, mine was in Pat Madrid’s Surprised by Truth 2. Her brother David is president of the Association of Hebrew Catholics (AHC); I’m on the AHC’s Board of Directors.

Mother Miriam Live
The Importance of receiving Holy Communion on the Tongue 56:51
John-Henry Westen: 5 reasons why Catholics should only receive Holy Communion on the tongue 50:13
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Meet Mother Miriam56:32

Mother Miriam’s Heart for the Family and Church

The Journey Home Rosalind Moss 54:20
Mother Miriam’s Journey 58:11
Mother Miriam Today

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