Every Book

Every Book of Hebrew Scripture Proclaims Rabbi Yeshua

§ 237 “God has left traces of his Trinitarian being in his work of creation and in his Revelation throughout the Old Testament.”

Mother Miriam sees Rabbi Yeshua in every book of the Tanakh, the Jewish Bible. The list below, compiled from the Tanakh as the years of her life passed, first appeared in her Easter 2012 newsletter:

Torah: The Law

Genesis: Seed of the Woman
Exodus: The Passover Lamb
Leviticus: Our High Priest
Numbers: The Pillar, cloud by day, fire by night
Deuteronomy: A Prophet Like Moses

Nevi’im: The Prophets

Joshua: Captain of our Salvation
Judges: Our Judge and Lawgiver
1 Samuel: The Trusted Prophet
2 Samuel: The Trusted Prophet
1 Kings: Our Reigning King
2 Kings: Our Reigning King
Isaiah: The Prince of Peace
Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet
Ezekiel: The Wonderful four-faced Man

Hosea: The Eternal Husband married to the backslider
Joel: The Baptizer with the Holy Spirit
Amos: Our burden-bearer
Obadiah: The Savior
Jonah: Our Great Foreign Missionary
Micah: The Messenger with beautiful feet
Nahum: Our Avenger
Habakkuk: The Evangelist pleading for revival
Zephaniah: The Lord, mighty to save
Haggai: The Restorer of the Lost Heritage
Zechariah: The Fountain opened in the House of David for sin and cleansing
Malachi: The Son of righteousness with healing in His wings

Ketuvim: The Writings

Psalms: The Lord our Shepherd
Proverbs: True Wisdom
Job: Our Ever-Living Redeemer
Song of Songs: The real Lover and Bridegroom
Ruth: Our kinsman Redeemer
Lamentations: The Weeping Prophet
Ecclesiastes: True Wisdom
Esther: Our Mordecai
Daniel: The fourth man in the fiery furnace
Ezra: The Faithful Scribe
Nehemiah: Builder of the Broken Wall
1 Chronicles: Our Reigning King
2 Chronicles: Our Reigning King

Mother Miriam also read the Catholic intertestamental books and again observed Rabbi Yeshua‘s silent presence within their pages:

Tobit: Breaker of the devil’s power over His Bride
Judith: Defeater of the enemy of God’s people Israel
1 Maccabees: Our Purifier: The Resurrection and the Life for all who sleep in holiness
2 Maccabees: Our Purifier: The Resurrection and the Life for all who sleep in holiness
Sirach: The uncreated wisdom who plants the moral law
Wisdom: God’s Wisdom
Baruch: Our Life and Happiness

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