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Still have questions about the journey from Moses to Rabbi Yeshua, or about the Church? This is the page where you can find some answers.

Hebrew Catholic

Most of us in the Hebrew Catholic movement are orthodox Catholics, faithful to the Magisterium. We all teach essentially the same thing, but we teach it with different accents and emphases.

The Association of Hebrew Catholics (AHC) is a central meeting place for Hebrew Catholics. I’m on its Board of Directors. This is the place to go when we want to get together with other Hebrew Catholics for study, for local gatherings, and for conversations. It has a great many resources, and is particularly strong in the area of Jewish identity within the Church.

When I first saw Catholic Bridge I thought, “Wow. Overall, some of the information on this page really reflects my perspective!” When I got to the bottom I saw the acknowledgement, that I had been one of the contributors. The others are all good Catholic apologist friends I’d been in regular conversation with some years ago.

Overall Catholic Perspective

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