Merry Christmas!

Stubby Pringle’s Christmas!
Many Journeys  5:03
Bing Crosby Christmas Songs 1:03:11
Christmas Music Classics3:02:58
Christmas Fireplace Music 2:00:00
Christmas Fireplace Music 3:00:18
Christmas Fireplace Instrumentals 2:16:35
O Come Emmanuel  3:45
The Best Christmas Song 4:09 


This is a resource page.

Each year, at the First Sunday of Advent (Sunday nearest to November 30)I copy the contents of this page to Second Exodus Home Page to mark the start of the Second Exodus Christmas celebration.

I also move the image widget “Celebrating Christ” from the Inactive Widgets (Image) to the second item (below Search) in the Sidebar Widgets group.

Then, each year just before the Feast of the Epiphany (near January 6) I delete the contents of this page above from the Second Exodus Home Page to mark the return to Ordinary Time.

I also move the image widget “Celebrating Christ” back to the Inactive Widgets (Image) group.